No Fear Fencing Club (NFFC) Mission
NFFC was established as a USFA fencing club in 1994. The club was founded by a competitive group of foil and epee fencers from Southern California (San Diego). The club evolved into an epee only club which is dedicated to the development and maintenance of competitive epee fencers. The primary goal of the membership is to compete at regional, national and international levels. NFFC accomplishes this by supporting the development of competitive junior, senior, and veteran epee fencers.

NFFC Values
The personality of this group of fencers is the embodiment of the philosophy “Work hard, play hard”. NFFC is not a recreational fencing club, nor is it a fencing elite club dedicated to pure performance. The club is about working hard, competing, and beating the competition. But it is also about people that embrace fencing as a significant part of their lives.

We are fierce competitors that do not like to lose, and at the same time we are not mean or vindictive and are always gracious in winning and losing. We are a club of seasoned and experienced fencers that share knowledge and nurture other fencers as they train to be stronger competitors. We are always fair and honorable and treat others with respect. This is true for the fencing community in general, and especially true for our own membership.

Elite Competitive Epee Program*:  Focus is on accelerated, incremental improvement of competitive performance and results. There are only four students in this program at any given time. This provides members of the program with a higher level of one on one personalized coaching and services not generally available with larger programs. This includes customized training plans, goal setting and full season competition planning. This program includes a minimum of three lessons per week. Students must be at least 13 years of age to participate.

Speak with Coach Alexander to learn more about this program.